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Dr. Blackburn III is a highly skilled dentist in the Atlanta area. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Morehouse College in 1993 and his DDS in 1999 from the University of Iowa’s College of Dentistry.

Dr. Blackburn came back to Georgia for his postgraduate studies and received his Post Graduate Specialty Certificate in Prosthodontics in 2002 from the Medical College of Georgia’s School of Dentistry.

Dr. Blackburn III is an extremely competent prosthodontist. He has treated adult patients of all ages including various celebrities.

Replacing missing teeth or restoring badly damaged teeth using prosthetics while maintaining esthetics is both a skill and an art, but Dr. Blackburn does it with ease so much he has even coined his own term – prosthoesthetics.

Dr. Blackburn is a member of the Hinman Dental Society, Georgia Dental Society, American Dental Association, National Dental Association, and American College of Prosthodontics. In the past, Dr. Blackburn has given many lectures in Atlanta to many organizations which include the Atlanta College of Prosthodontics, North Georgia Dental Society, and various Metro Atlanta study clubs. Dr. Blackburn is currently a major in the United States Army, where he proudly serves our country.

In his spare time, Dr. Blackburn enjoys studying history, traveling to different states and countries, outdoor water activities, and spending time with his children. Dr. Blackburn is also a chairman for a fraternity committee that mentors middle school aged boys.

We are extremely blessed to have Dr. Blackburn as a part of our staff. He can be reached at drblackburn@conyersdentures.com.

Dr. Benjamin Blackburn III - Prosthodontist

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