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What Is Peri-Implantitis, and Why Does It Happen?

Peri-implantitis is essentially an inflammation of the connective tissues around a surgically inserted dental implant. With this condition, the gum tissue typically becomes inflamed and irritated because of a build-up of bacteria in the area around the dental implant. Without treatment, the dental implant may need to be surgically removed and replaced.

To avoid this type of complication, and solve the issue of peri-implantitis, the innovators of the LANAP® protocol for moderate to severe periodontitis have created the LAPIP™ protocol. This periodontal laser treatment allows our certified and trained dental specialists to help patients effectively address peri-implantitis in a minimally invasive way.

To Find Out If You Are A Candidate For The LAPIP™ Protocol

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How Revolutionary Laser Dentistry Works to Benefit Patients

Lasers like the PerioLase® MVP-7™ are no longer new. They are actually the leading-edge tools relied upon by well-respected periodontists. Because they operate very quickly and make no incisions, they are well-tolerated by most patients. Additionally, the tip of the PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser is so thin that it can easily slip in the space between the gum tissue and the dental implant.

During the LAPIP™ procedure, our periodontist carefully inserts the PerioLase® MVP-7™ into the area that is inflamed. The laser then selectively seeks out diseased gum tissues and removes them, leaving healthy gum tissues alone to regenerate. In addition, the PerioLase® MVP-7™ speedily eliminates bad bacteria and thoroughly cleans the space between the gums and the implant.

Patients appreciate being able to turn to the LAPIP™ protocol instead of costlier peri-implantitis alternatives that require incisions, sutures and downtime. Learn more when you make an appointment with our periodontist.

Get Great Results Through Laser Dentistry

PerioLase MVP-7 Digital Dental Laser in Atlanta, GA
PerioLase® MVP-7 Digital Dental Laser

Patient Advantages of the LAPIP™ Protocol

If you have peri-implantitis and are looking for an innovative solution, consider the advantages of the LAPIP™ protocol:

  • There is practically no downtime post-procedure. You can go to work the same day after your periodontal laser treatment.
  • Patients need only a local anesthetic because the LAPIP™ protocol is minimally invasive.
  • There is limited bleeding, gum inflammation and tenderness, and tooth sensitivity post-operatively.
  • Patients can often save their dental implants and may avoid further surgical processes.
  • The protocol features use of the PerioLase® MVP-7™ from Millennium Dental Technologies, a highly regarded company that created the trusted LANAP® protocol.
  • The LAPIP™ protocol promotes regeneration of gum tissues, rather than resection of them.
  • Patients who are on blood thinners are not jeopardized by this type of peri-implantitis treatment.

I have worn loose dentures for 30 years. Dr. Fraser placed several implants and now they are stable enough for me to eat carrots, corn and steaks. Life is good again.

Cora C.

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